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December 16, 2011

The Perfect Gift Different for Everyone

by The Centinal

By: Will James  Staff Writer

Birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays make December the ideal month for gift giving. Every person has that special gift that they receive in their lifetime that is hard to forget. Here some Centennial students and faculty members try to recall some of the most memorable gifts they had ever received.

Mason W: Red Bike at 8

Nick B: Shaw Shank redemption poster

Taylor C: iPod Touch

Bailey K: Mac Laptop

Alle R: Yorkie Puppy

Sara R: Pool Table

Bret Q: Dell Computer

Mckenzie B: Barbie Malibu Jeep

Alexis N: Barbie Roller Blades

Holly B: Razor Scooter

Annie R: Going to Disney World

Taylor S: Tiffany Necklace

Dustin W: Xbox 360

Audrey R: Pearls

Libby C: Purple Bike (seven speed)

Cori B: Cash register

Ryan H: “Gift of Love from my parents”

Soraya D :Pet Bunny

Jada C: iPod Touch

Kara D: iPod Touch

Ary P: Kara’s Friendship

Arielle Z: Nice Camera

Will H: Gameboy Color

Nicole S: Barbie Bike

Hannah H: American Girl Doll

Artium K: Mario Cart

Peter Black: Packers Uniform

Michele C: Trip to Cast Away Club

Jeff Lavin: Sisters

Darren W: Flat Screen TV

Mr. Sikora: First ten speed bike at age 12

Jill T: Barbie Dream House at age 6

Mr. Easter:  Classic Edition St. Louis powder blue Ozzie Smith Jersey

Gabe O: African Fighting Dogs

Meriah P: Kozak Camera

Eddie R: Fleece Jacket

Kolt S: 142” Flat Screen TV

Carli W: Mini XP Computer

Colin P: Mid-calf Socks with no Logos

Archie W: Katrina Lindsey

Rachel S: ESV translated study Bible

Brent A: Original Playstaion

Coach J: iPad

In this list the presents range from posters to people showing that every person has a different idea on what makes a gift memorable. Hopefully this list brought back some of your own great memories. Maybe this year could be the year you receive or give that unforgettable gift.

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