Asian American Culture Club Informs, Provides Support

By Abrar Al-Heeti – Staff Writer

Centennial provides students with an array of learning experiences ranging from classes to after-school clubs and activities. One such club available to those who have an interest in learning about different cultures is Asian American Culture Club.

Started last spring by sponsor Centennial Math teacher Jen Elliot, the club meets in Room 241 every other Wednesday, “to provide a place for those interested in Asian culture to come together and appreciate it,” says Elliot. She states that one of the goals of Asian American Culture Club is to create awareness for issues that relate to Asians, such as stereotypes. She says they are a real problem that a lot of people do not realize the extent of because, “Asians are such a minority.” But, through discussions she has with members, “we laugh at them.”

In addition to addressing these issues, members “have a lot of discussions about why Asian Americans would want a space to celebrate” their cultures and backgrounds. Junior Vivian Bui says, “Most of us are second generation, so there is a clashing of cultures as we try to identify ourselves.”

With about twelve members, some of the activities the club has taken part in recently include watching Asian music videos and dramas, as well as eating Chinese food. They are currently focusing on the upcoming Chinese New Year and plan on having a small celebration to honor it.

For those who are interested in joining, Bui says, “Asian American Culture Club is open to anybody – it’s not exclusive. The culture line isn’t as strict as most would expect.” So for anyone looking to join, the club is always welcoming new members.