Athlete of the Month: Dustin “Dubby” Walls (Boys Basketball)-

By:  Chelsea Cross – Staff Writer

January Male Athlete of the Month – Dustin Walls Basketball

Dustin Walls isn’t just known as the “Savior” on the court. But he’s also known as the “braniac” in the classroom. Dustin is an honor roll student, and plays football and basketball for the Centennial Chargers. He’s also known to bring the laughter out in those who surround him, with his stellar personality and awesome dance moves. 

Explain how it felt against Central when you hit the game winning shot ending the game 61-60?

“It felt great! I was real hype and excited. That was my first game winner ever in my life. I give all the glory to God.”

Was there anything different you did in your pregame ritual in order to prepare for the Central game?

“I just blasted Katy Perry on my IPod and got in my mode.”

What was going through your head when Central’s star basketball player Corvon Butler missed two chances at the free-throw line?

“I felt relieved; I knew that we would have a chance to take the lead.”

Finish the sentence…

If you could go anywhere it would be…

“Jamaica, the country looks so peaceful and nice.”

If you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive it would be…

“Jesus, Chris Paul, and Barack Obama. They are amazing people that I admire.”

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