Senior Shenanigans

By: Melanie Mesker

On January 12th the Centennial seniors surprised everyone by trading their winter coats for beach towels and swim suits. All the seniors were notified on Facebook, a few nights before, by Senior Andrew Warner. Warner posted “ANOTHER IMPORTANT MESSAGE! IT IS SUPPOSED TO SNOW THURSDAY! BEACH DAY THURSDAY!!!!!!!” on the wall of the senior only group.

Senior Jill Taylor seemed to enjoy herself, “It was cold but super fun! I couldn’t feel my hands or stomach by the end of the day!” Senior Artiom Kuchin had a more negative experience, “My feet froze to the point where it hurt and I regretted every second of it. Beware, do not wear flip-flops.” Overall the seniors had to learn the hard way, it was all fun and games till they had to go outside.

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Photos by Melanie Mesker, Hannah Hagan, and Jewel Goodly