Fiction Addiction: Book Club

By Megan Wolter – Opinions Editor

The Fiction Addiction book club meets every Thursday at 3:30 in the library.  They do book talks, discussions, read, and look at new releases that they may want to add to their growing collection.  The club tries to appeal to both guys and girls by getting books that everyone will enjoy.  Also, they try to buy the most recently released books and they get to read them before anyone else does, which is a nice perk of the club. Continue reading Fiction Addiction: Book Club

Centurian Captures High School Memories

By Jewel Goodly- Staff Writer

The Centennial Yearbook staff is busy working on the 2011-2012 Centurian. The pages of the yearbook are divided by the editors and assigned to the thirty-three members. The yearbook is divided into four different sections: student life (editors: Taylor Coats and Caitlyn Jenkins), sports (editors: McKenzie Bonnett and Alexis Nelson), classes and clubs (editors: Corey Bilger and Libby Cocagne), underclassman and faculty (editors: Audrey Rodawig and Mason Weis). The editors-in- chief are Annie Regan and Sarah Zola. Each member is assigned to two to three pages that are due at various times during the school year. The yearbook staff meets as a class during eighth hour. Continue reading Centurian Captures High School Memories

The Best of the Best (Illini Elite): Volleyball

By:  Allie Shannon, Kara Johnson Staff Writers

Illini Elite is a volleyball club in Bloomington, IL. People from all over Illinois make long drives to participate in this cub that’s recognized country wide. Club season is from November to June and includes big tournaments in places such as Texas and Florida. Illini Elite is the first step to get these young athletes ready to play at the college level. Continue reading The Best of the Best (Illini Elite): Volleyball

Spring Break Destinations

By: Andrew Warner

Spring break is right around the corner and you know what that means…vacation time! It is time for us to stock up on the aloe and actually start our New Year’s resolutions a half a month late to get that beach ready body. Everyone always wants to go somewhere warm to get out of this bipolar Midwest weather, but just make sure not to limit yourself to just the south. There are so many things that can and need to get accomplished over this break. Some upperclassmen may go down the more scholarly route and visit colleges and catch up on schoolwork that will, knowing some of the teachers, inevitably be assigned. But then there will be the more free spirited people who choose to go warm, get burnt, and come back to school with sunglasses tans and nothing to but anecdotes of the time spent bumming on the beach. With either of these routes, it should be a sure sign of a good time and these tips can help make sure of that. Continue reading Spring Break Destinations

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

By: Faith Middleton

As the excitement of the new year blends into the monotony of January, many people struggle to keep New Year’s Resolutions. The majority of Americans’ resolutions pertain to becoming healthier, whether you vow to get fit, lose weight or a number of others. However, the hardship of your efforts can be an obstacle in the way of achieving your goal. Thinking about exercise or diet is easy; for some people, gaining the willpower to follow through is not. Continue reading Healthy New Year’s Resolutions