Centurian Captures High School Memories

By Jewel Goodly- Staff Writer

The Centennial Yearbook staff is busy working on the 2011-2012 Centurian. The pages of the yearbook are divided by the editors and assigned to the thirty-three members. The yearbook is divided into four different sections: student life (editors: Taylor Coats and Caitlyn Jenkins), sports (editors: McKenzie Bonnett and Alexis Nelson), classes and clubs (editors: Corey Bilger and Libby Cocagne), underclassman and faculty (editors: Audrey Rodawig and Mason Weis). The editors-in- chief are Annie Regan and Sarah Zola. Each member is assigned to two to three pages that are due at various times during the school year. The yearbook staff meets as a class during eighth hour.

The goal of the yearbook is to capture and showcase everything that happens during the year, and have it organized and condensed for people to enjoy as memories for the rest of their lives.  Although the staff has their work cut out for them, co- editor Annie Regan says this year’s edition of the Centurian “is filled with surprises that will blow people’s minds because the yearbook has never done anything like it.” Co- editor of the student life section, Taylor Coats is hopeful that her section will be the most exciting and popular section. Probably the most popular section according to the seniors, the senior section, features baby ads where parents can buy space and send in a picture of their senior as a baby and surprise them with the picture and encouraging words.  Senior baby ads can still be ordered until February 3rd.

Audrey Rodawig, co-editor of the underclassman and faculty says that yearbook is her favorite elective not only because she is able to see the yearbook before it comes out in a fun environment but also because she enjoys looking at highlights of the year and interviewing a variety of people. Rodawig admits it takes lots of time but it’s worth the hard work because of all the fun she has while working on the yearbook.

The yearbook will be available May 11, 2012 and the last day to order a yearbook is Friday January 27th.

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