Fiction Addiction: Book Club

By Megan Wolter – Opinions Editor

The Fiction Addiction book club meets every Thursday at 3:30 in the library.  They do book talks, discussions, read, and look at new releases that they may want to add to their growing collection.  The club tries to appeal to both guys and girls by getting books that everyone will enjoy.  Also, they try to buy the most recently released books and they get to read them before anyone else does, which is a nice perk of the club.

As of the beginning of the second semester, the club is testing eReaders.  They bought five kindles that the members are now testing out and will then fill out review forms as to what they did or didn’t like about it.  They’re doing this in the hope that next year, the whole school will be able to check out the kindles and have a new way to enjoy reading.  If one is interested in being a part of this trial, please contact Ms. Helms in the library for a permission slip.

In April, there will be a field trip  to the U of I library and a few other buildings.  Please check in later, as more information about this opportunity will arise.

Everyone is invited to come and if one can’t, then just let the officers know and they will try to keep one up on what is going on and the opportunities that are available.

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