Spring Break Destinations

By: Andrew Warner

Spring break is right around the corner and you know what that means…vacation time! It is time for us to stock up on the aloe and actually start our New Year’s resolutions a half a month late to get that beach ready body. Everyone always wants to go somewhere warm to get out of this bipolar Midwest weather, but just make sure not to limit yourself to just the south. There are so many things that can and need to get accomplished over this break. Some upperclassmen may go down the more scholarly route and visit colleges and catch up on schoolwork that will, knowing some of the teachers, inevitably be assigned. But then there will be the more free spirited people who choose to go warm, get burnt, and come back to school with sunglasses tans and nothing to but anecdotes of the time spent bumming on the beach. With either of these routes, it should be a sure sign of a good time and these tips can help make sure of that.

Having a week off can sometimes be just as strenuous on your schedule as it would be to have a week in school. But, college visits are a must do at some point in your life, so why not now. This will be the chance you need to get to the schools you have wanted to visit forever without having that terrible thought in the back of your head about all that makeup work you are going to have once you get back to school. When I asked Michael Martin if he was planning to be productive while in Mexico on break, he said “I mostly plan on catching up on sleep, but it depends on how much work I have, but I probably will be somewhat productive.” But before you can start thinking about college, you first have to get through high school and there is no getting through high school with out doing your work unfortunately. What better time than spring break. Sure, it is spring BREAK, but by getting your stuff done over break gives you a chance to catch break during school since your grades will be where you want them. This means no more staying up until 4:30 in the morning the night before school, trying to Spark Notes the book you didn’t read while you were busy getting sun burnt on some crowded beach in Florida.

Don’t get me wrong, being productive over break can be extremely helpful and sometimes essential in the long run, but weren’t you always told to live life in the moment?! To me, that means pack my bags because I am preparing myself for a week of empty minded nothingness in the sun. Marie Jefferson says “I will probably have homework, but since I will be in Disney World I probably will not be very productive during break.” Being a beach bum never got anybody anywhere in life, but this is your week of relaxation so you might as well soak it all up. Break is meant for doing nothing and being unproductive, if it wasn’t, they would call it work, or even worse…school. For the more easy goers, take this break as a chance to empty your brains and do nothing, whether it is in Florida, Idaho or Champaign, Illinois.

For different people, there are different ways to go about this break, but these are the two basic routes most people take. Both of these would be satisfying either way, just make sure not to mix the two. Pick one or the other and divulge yourself in it. Trying to work and play just wont mix and it won’t even seem like you have had a break. Don’t worry though; there is still plenty of time to decide which would be best for you!