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January 27, 2012

Early Graduates Get Head Start

by The Centinal

By Tara Mobasseri – Editor-in-Chief

Now that it is second semester you may have noticed a change in the size of the senior class. This year many seniors graduated early. They graduate early for many different reasons such as to travel abroad, take classes at Parkland, work, or simply to take a semester off to prepare themselves for college. The Centinal staff interviewed three seniors who graduated early to see what they are doing now, their thoughts and opinions on graduating early and if they would recommend it to future seniors.

Ally Lindgren is a senior who just recently graduated a semester early. She is currently at Parkland taking four classes until she makes the decision of where she wants to attend college in the fall. She says her “days are a lot easier only having to go to one or two classes instead of sitting through class for seven hours.” When Ally was asked her thoughts on if future seniors should graduate early she said that it really depends on the person. “If someone is ready for a change and tired of the high school scene then yes, I’d recommend it. I feel like Parkland is a good transition before going to a bigger school.”

Joey Wolske is another senior who graduated and is also at Parkland. Joey is very pleased with his decision to graduate early and enjoys all the free time that he now has. “I spend less time in class now than I did in high school and I feel like I am learning so much more.” Joey also loves that his earliest class is at 10 AM, so every day is a late start for Joey. Joey said sometimes he feels like he is missing out on the senior experience, but in the grand scheme he is happy where he is. “It’s wacky to me that people think senior year is the best year of their lives, I hope the best years of my life are still to come because I’ve been having a blast since I graduated.”

Ciara Reilly graduated this past December and is now traveling in New Zealand and Australia with her two best friends. “I am so happy I graduated early! And I would definitely recommend it to future seniors.” She feels that it has given her other opportunities to learn things Centennial could not offer. Ciara does not feel like she is missing out on her senior year as much because she does not feel that she was emotionally attached to the typical high school experience and is having a blast traveling with her friends!

Graduating early has seemed to become a more popular choice at Centennial. Students find it a great opportunity to learn more about themselves and what the world has to offer. Graduating early is not for everyone and should definitely be something one should only do if they are absolutely positive it is what they want. However, so far everyone The Centinal staff has talked to is enjoying it!

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