Centennial’s Math Superstars

By Hannah Ritchey – Editor-In-Chief

Centennial’s Math Honor Society, also known as Mu Alpha Theta (MAT), has big plans for the spring of 2012! MAT, run by co-presidents Ester Han and Jerry Wu, usually keeps a low profile throughout the first semester.  Senior, and MAT Secretary, Kelly Wachtel explains that: “During the beginning of the year we are busy initiating new members and getting everyone used to the tutoring schedule, later on we get to the fun stuff.”

Members applied early in the school year, and accepted students meet on the last Friday of each month. Along with maintaining a 3.0 math GPA, each member of the club is required to complete between nine and eleven hours of peer tutoring. Members come in before and after school to help other Centennial students struggling in math. Tutoring sessions are usually held in room 232.

No matter what math class you are enrolled in, March 14 almost always gets a little bit of attention. The day 3.14 (3 = month, 14= the day) shares the first three numbers of “Pi” in math. So in honor of their love for math the members take this opportunity to raise money for the math department by accepting donations for students favorite and least favorite teachers to get “Pi-ed” in the face.

As well as that annual event, the executive board has created a completely new fundraiser for the club. It is still in the works, but the main idea is to allow any Centennial student to donate a certain amount of money to be able to dip their hand in paint and make their handprint part of a giant mural that will adorn the large brick wall in the main entrance to the school that faces Crescent.  The design of the mural has not yet been created but Wachtel says, “We are hoping to encompass Centennial Spirit as well as MAT’s love for math in a unique way.”

The design will most likely be created by a member of the club, but as plans solidify the design may be opened up to any Centennial student wishing to participate. In hopes of this becoming an annual event the officers would like something that could easily be expanded or added on to. Updates will be posted on The Centinal as more details are found out!

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