Expressions Keeps Singing

By Andrew Warner – Staff Writer

Expressions is an exclusive group of students who have auditioned to be a member of this spectacular singing group. This class is organized and taught by Marian Wyatt, with special assistance from pianist, Dr. Chan. Expressions has put on numerous shows for the school but more importantly, has gone into the community to sing for the public.

Expressions includes some very talented singers, two of who have gone to IMEA all-state:  Riley Hill-Kartel and Samantha Wells.

“I enjoy having fun singing and seeing how much fun other people have while listening to us sing”, says senior Will Hazelwood, “Expressions has become almost more of a family rather than a class.”

Expressions is planning a dance-a-thon coming up in mid April.  Details will be coming soon, so check back with The Centinal.

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