Valentine’s Day Blues

By: Connor Metcalf

With February here, Winter drags on into it’s second half. If you are anything like me, you cannot wait for it to be over. February is the worst month of the year. It is cold, and grey, and usually the point of the year where the idea of getting any more snow makes one cringe. The worst part of the package though is Valentine’s day and all of the awful things it entails. Now do not get it twisted, this is not going to be an article written by some bitter single man writing about how bitter he is for being single on Valentine’s day. Now, I am single, (ladies) but I don’t let that ruin my life, especially not on one particular day out of the year that will have no significance on February 15th. I’m not trying to bash Valentine’s day, because let’s be honest, if I wasn’t single I would probably be celebrating it too. I am just here to map out the annoyances, the stress, and the cost that comes with celebrating this holiday in February. Continue reading Valentine’s Day Blues