Valentine’s Day Blues

By: Connor Metcalf

With February here, Winter drags on into it’s second half. If you are anything like me, you cannot wait for it to be over. February is the worst month of the year. It is cold, and grey, and usually the point of the year where the idea of getting any more snow makes one cringe. The worst part of the package though is Valentine’s day and all of the awful things it entails. Now do not get it twisted, this is not going to be an article written by some bitter single man writing about how bitter he is for being single on Valentine’s day. Now, I am single, (ladies) but I don’t let that ruin my life, especially not on one particular day out of the year that will have no significance on February 15th. I’m not trying to bash Valentine’s day, because let’s be honest, if I wasn’t single I would probably be celebrating it too. I am just here to map out the annoyances, the stress, and the cost that comes with celebrating this holiday in February.

When asked about her feelings about Valentine’s day, senior Madison White had these words of wisdom to lay down on me; “Honestly Valentines Day is one of those thing where you either love it or hate it. People in a relationship love it and use it as an excuse to be even grosser and mushier than usual. Single people use it as an excuse to be openly bitter about being single.”  Hey, Ms. White and I have very similar views on Valentine’s Day. She brings up a very good point, which I will use as a segue for my first point…

On Valentine’s day, every year without fail, you will run into “those people” that act like they’re too good to celebrate Valentine’s day. For whatever reason, they think it is necessary to look down on the people who have a significant other on February 14th. Some people mark it off as “not conforming to society,” because being happy is way too mainstream for them.

Other people make up ridiculous lists and write stupid articles about the worst things about Valentine’s day…Hey look at that next point!

Though the single people who look down on the couples are bitter and no one likes to deal with them, they have a good reason to be bitter. Being single on Valentine’s day totally sucks. Any other day of the year it does not matter, but when February comes around, if you don’t have plans on Valentine’s day then it looks like you are going to be spending that night at home reading all of the statuses and tweets written by the other losers that couldn’t get a date. There are a fews to approach the up coming holiday. Probably the best approach would be to find someone that you are kind of friends with whom you presume to be in the same boat as you, if you find them attractive, start chatting them up as much as you can without coming on too strong and ask them if they want to hang out on Valentine’s day so that neither of you are spending it alone. Or you could take the approach mentioned earlier and just be the sad guy that no one wants to talk to that just goes on about how Valentine’s day is just a made up holiday by the Hallmark company to sell greeting cards, and then cries themselves to sleep later that night. If only Valentine’s day was just a day where you bring sweets for the class and a little card for everyone that has some pop culture character on it saying some kind of sentence loosely relating that character and Valentine’s day. It didn’t matter if you were single back then. You were too busy eating heart-shaped Tums that said “Be mine” on them.

So it’s pretty much been established that being single on Valentine’s day is bad. You know what’s just as bad? Being in a relationship on Valentine’s day. I can’t speak for everyone, nor can I relate to everyone, but right now I am hoping to reach out to the hypothetical male demographic of the Centinal. On Valentine’s Day, we are expected to buy our partners nice things, to show them we love them or at least have really strong feelings for them, in the hopes that they will return mutual feelings for us. But first of all, why not do that anyway? If you really like someone that much, you shouldn’t need an excuse to buy them something nice.

For some reason there is just more of an expectation on this particular day to show someone you love them, and if you do not exceed your partners expectations, congratulations you have just hit a road bump in your otherwise great relationship.

Speaking only from my own experiences, having a girlfriend on Valentine’s day is not only expensive, but it’s nerve-racking. One could say, “I love you” every single other day of the year but If they don’t say it on Valentine’s day, prepare for a tongue lashing. I know because when I had a girlfriend on Valentine’s day, I still had that single guy mentality that Valentine’s day is stupid and only for stupid people. But I decided to send one of my best friends a picture that said “I love you” on his Facebook wall anyway, and when my girlfriend saw it on his wall and not hers she got pretty upset. I guess I’m the stupid one.

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