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February 16, 2012

iPad 3 Rumors

by The Centinal

By: Megan Wolter

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the building and release of the much anticipated iPad 3, but what is the truth and what is just rumor?

The first generation iPad was an amazing leap in technology, and when the iPad 2 came out, it didn’t disappoint.  So will the iPad 3 live up to the hype?  The answer is maybe.  On paper, the iPad 3 can look great—it is rumored to be faster, have a better design, longer battery life, and better cameras.  The true test will be when it is released and the consumers can start using it and see what they do and don’t like about it.

A few of the current rumors going around are that there will be an improved microphone for the tablet, a better camera, a smaller, sleeker design, better resolution, and being overall faster.  The main issue with this is that Apple often keeps quiet about the goings on of their products, and often, many of the rumors that come out are false and to throw customers off. Hopefully, more information will be released soon so we can update our readers on the next major Apple tablet release.

The only rumor that has been somewhat confirmed is that Apple is going to release information about the iPad 3 sometime in late February and early March.  There have also been rumors of iPad 3 eBooks going on sale on March 29, which means the tablet could be coming out sooner than the expected late spring.

Do Want

Longer battery life

Better cameras

Smaller & slimmer design

Same Keypad

Better resolution

A stand built into the iPad

Some kind of 4G

Better port support (USB drives)


Don’t Want

Can’t crop pictures on Facebook

Can’t synchronize iPod

Have to download flash

No word documents

Just a big iPod touch—pointless


Apple Sucks!

No real keyboard—instead one has to go and pay more money to buy one

It’s just black & white

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