Centennial Helps After Tragedy

By Jewel Goodly – Staff Writer

On Friday, January 27th, while many people in the community were enjoying the basketball game between cross town rivals Centennial and Urbana, three teenagers in the area were in a horrible car accident.  The driver was 16-year old Austin Dyson, who went to Mahomet- Seymour High School, and the two passengers were 15-year old Ryan Shaffer who attends Centennial High School and 16-year old Terrance Washington, also of Mahomet- Seymour High School.  On Golf Road, a little bit before nine o’clock p.m. the van sped around a sharp curve then veered off the road, hit a tree and caught on fire. Dyson died on scene. Shaffer and Washington were able to make it out of the van before it caught completely on fire. Continue reading Centennial Helps After Tragedy