Student of the Month : Vivian Bui

By: Jewel Goody

Hardworking, determined, kind, friendly, goal-oriented, and sometimes even silly are great characteristics to describe February’s “Student of the Month”, junior Vivian Bui. Bui not only challenges herself in the classroom, but she is also involved in Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Creative Writing Club, Speech Team, Thespians, French Honor Society, and the Social Action Committee all here at Centennial. With the little free time she has, Bui enjoys volunteering at Provena, baking, and spending time with her one-year old niece, Laura. In addition, Vivian Bui manages a job at Justice.

For someone who is so involved, she is pretty good at managing her time. However, she admits that at times she finds it difficult to use her time wisely, but her motivation towards success keeps her going.  Bui’s main motivation is her desire to one day have the ability to provide for her parents, “My parents are amazing and I would like to provide for them for a change.” Vivian Bui looks up to her two best friends, Nick Bates and Rebecca Ferrer, because they are the nicest and hardest working people in her life. She also admires the very funny Tina Fey, “She is so talented and inspiring!” Bui’s favorite subject is Anatomy because she is interested in how the body functions. Her least favorite subject is Trigonometry/Pre-calculus because understanding math is not her strong suit, but she is never discouraged.  After high school, she plans on attending college and majoring in nursing and public health. In the future, she would like to become a registered nurse. Vivian Bui not only deserves “Student of The Month” but has a bright future ahead of her.

Vivian Bui’s best friend and role model, Rebecca Ferrer, said Bui was unique  because she does not care what other people think and that she is kind to everyone she encounters. Ferrer commits on Bui’s motivation, saying “She knows how to prioritize and communicate to manage junior year and all her responsibilities.” Bui works hard in school, at work, in clubs and activities, and still has time for family and friends. Something special about Vivian is that she is always there for others. She is considerate of others around her and is very accepting of many different people. Rebecca says, “Vivian is intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated.”