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March 2, 2012

2012 Oscars Fashion

by The Centinal

By: Melanie Mesker and Trent Reeve

The red carpet on Sunday’s 84th Academy Awards was an explosion of Hollywood glamour. Everything from ashes dumped on Ryan Seacrest to a J Lo nip slip happened. Melanie and Trent are here to offer our opinions of best and worst dressed of the night.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Dress: Tom Ford

Melanie: This was my second favorite look of the night. It was a big risk for Gwyneth and she pulled it off, looking very chic. I can tell this look will be iconic in Oscar red carpet history. A+

Trent:  The dress is stunning and Gwenyth looks hot. Although, the cape is a miss for me. A-



Michelle Williams

Dress: Louis Vuitton

Melanie: It was a tough choice between Gwyneth and Michelle for best dressed at the Oscars but mine goes to Michelle. The coral color of the gown and peplum silhouette (also seen on Tina Fey) fits amazing on her and looks perfect. When she walked down the carpet the dress looked even more beautiful and her pixie cut is the perfect accessory. A++

Trent: Michelle Williams pulls this look off and the dress looks great on her. She is an amazing actress for an amazing look. A+


Emma Stone (right)

Dress: Giambattista Valli

Melanie: Emma’s dress was almost identical to Nicole Kidman’s Balenciaga dress which she wore to the Oscars in 2007. Nicole’s dress was so iconic that it’s not something which can be done again. I had such high hopes for Emma but the fit of the gown was too big and the bow covered her face.  I love Emma Stone but her stylist should be fired for the similarity to Nicole’s dress. C

Trent: I love Emma Stone!!! But the frilly thing on her shoulder makes her neck look non- existent. B


Rooney Mara

Dress: Givenchy Haute Couture

Melanie: This dress is perfect for Rooney’s edgy style. The dress is beautifully made and the structure of it is amazing. My only negative comment is that it would have been nice for her to smile. A-

Trent: Rooney, although she has a unique style, looks great with this dress. It’s a great choice for her.  Her hair though, I am not a fan of. B



Shailene Woodley

Dress: Valentino Haute Couture

Melanie: This was definitely a worst dressed for me. It was way too covered up for her and she has an amazing body. It needed a slit or an open back to add some appeal. I would have liked to see this dress on Meryl Streep and something with a bright color on Shailene. D+

Trent: Nice dress but too old for her. What is she 45 years old? C-



Viola Davis

Dress: Vera Wang

Melanie: I applaud Viola for being so brave and wearing her hair natural. The emerald green dress looks gorgeous on her deep skin tone. It also highlights her great body and toned arms. I do wish the green was deeper. A

Trent: Viola and this look are perfect match for one another. It fits her body well. Great job Viola! A



Natalie Portman

Dress: Vintage 1954 Christian Dior Haute Couture

Melanie: Natalie is known for only wearing vegan clothing and being the face of Dior of course she wore vintage Dior. This strapless mini ball gown has been seen on Natalie many times. I wish she would have tried something different. Although she still looked beautiful, the black clutch was too distracting and I’m not a fan of the polka dots. B

Trent: She looks HOT! I love her and she looks great. A+


Jennifer Lopez

Dress: Zuhair Murad

Melanie: This fishtail gown is perfect for J Lo’s body and accentuates her curves. The curved lines of beading give her a sexy hourglass shape. I like the edgy cutouts on the shoulders but the deep V is a little much considering she did have a nip slip. Only J Lo can pull of this dress and I wish she would have worn it to the Grammys this year. A-

Trent: Not a fan. B-



Angelina Jolie

Dress: Atelier Versace

Melanie: Angelina was definitely the most talked about celebrity of the night but not for her dress, for her strange pose. Angelina always blows me away and usually is my best dressed but the pose ruined everything. She was even voted worst dressed by the Fashion Police. It’s true that she does even look good in a trash bag, and this dress proves it. It is rumored that Angelina picked her dress from a hat. I think there are so many other options for her that would have looked good such as a sleeved dress with an open back. B-

Trent: I don’t know what everyone is talking about. She looks great. A


Sandra Bullock

Dress: Marchesa

Melanie: This dress could have been so good but I think the fit on top ruins it. If it had just been taken in a bit she would have looked amazing. My favorite part was the back; it was just the right amount of sex appeal without showing too much skin. It is rumored that this dress was pulled from Marchesa’s runway show that would have been seen in Paris this week just for Sandra. B+

Trent: I actually liked this dress the most. She pulls of the low cut in the back flawlessly. Probably my favorite dress of the night. A+


Octavia Spencer

Dress: Tadashi Shoji

Melanie: This off white beaded gown is made perfectly for Octavia’s body. It gathers in the waist to slim the waist and then floats away to make her look lean and tall. Her hair and jewelry were styled perfectly for this dress. B+

Trent: Octavia pulls this dress off amazingly and it shows off her curves perfectly. A+



Cameron Diaz

Dress: Gucci

Melanie: I miss the old days of Cameron when I used to think she could do no wrong, but this was definitely a wrong. The little details such as her dark roots, jewelry, and visible tan lines bothered me. The pale color of the dress also washed her out. She would have looked really good in a bright blue or deep red. Her body still looks amazing, even in this dull dress. B-

Trent: The dress looks good but not my favorite. None the less, she does look great. A-

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