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March 6, 2012

Middle Eastern Club Labels World Flags

by The Centinal

By Abrar Al-Heeti – Staff Writer

Members of Centennial’s Middle Eastern Cultural Club have been keeping busy lately – their latest project involves labeling the world flags that line the Social Studies hallway. The project was proposed by group sponsor Jeff Hasenstab and has received much enthusiasm from fellow Centennial teachers and staff, who feel that it is something that has needed to be done for years.

History teacher Greg Stock says of the flag labeling, “It’s nice because people are always looking and trying to identify the flags,” and this will help eliminate the uncertainty. Associate Principle Ken Klebber agrees with Stock when he says, “I like the flag labeling.” Stock adds, “It might inspire someone to look up the countries of the world.”

Over the past two weeks, members of the club have been occupied with identifying the countries associated with the flags, making labels and taping them up. They found it to be not only a fun activity, but also a good learning experience. Though it was sometimes challenging to identify certain flags, since some of the countries represented in the hallway have adopted new flags or no longer exist, it was still a good way for students to expand their knowledge and do something to help the school.

So next time you walk down the Social Studies hallway on your way to class, make a note to look up at the flags and possibly learn something new.

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