Coaches Vs Cancer

By Chantal Meacham

Across the nation, Coaches vs. Cancer has partnered with the American Cancer Society to help raise money and promote awareness for cancer.  It started when Jim Valvano, a former men’s basketball coach at North Carolina State University, was diagnosed with cancer.  Many college teams began raising money to support this fund and over the years, high schools began to do the same.  Teams pick out a game during their season and donate most or all of their profits to finding a cure for cancer.  “Coaches vs. Cancer has raised nearly $50 million since its inception to support the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving mission to eliminate cancer as a life-threatening disease. Additionally, more than 100 high school coaches also participate in the program” ( ). Continue reading Coaches Vs Cancer

Movie Review: Project X

By: Connor Metcalf

On Friday, March 2nd, came the release of the highly anticipated movie Project X. For weeks people at Centennial have been talking about seeing this movie with high hopes that it would be as awesome as Superbad. After only seeing clips from the trailer, students like senior Gabe Omo-Osagie had this to say, “That is how I want to end high school.” Upon seeing this film however, one can not help but notice that the pros about the movie are tremendously outweighed by the cons. Continue reading Movie Review: Project X

The Eric Show

By: Melanie Mesker

This is the 3rd annual Eric Show; The Eric Show is an exhibit of Champaign County high school student’s art. Urbana residents Dale and Peg Steffensen created the show in memory of their son Eric (1951-1970) who was killed by a drunk driver. Eric was very involved with art during high school and the Steffensens wanted to honor his memory by encouraging young artists of the community. Continue reading The Eric Show