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March 13, 2012

Movie Review: Project X

by The Centinal

By: Connor Metcalf

On Friday, March 2nd, came the release of the highly anticipated movie Project X. For weeks people at Centennial have been talking about seeing this movie with high hopes that it would be as awesome as Superbad. After only seeing clips from the trailer, students like senior Gabe Omo-Osagie had this to say, “That is how I want to end high school.” Upon seeing this film however, one can not help but notice that the pros about the movie are tremendously outweighed by the cons.

Falling under the category of a “party movie,” joining the likes of American Pie, Animal House, and Superbad, Project X creates the most unrealistic high school party in the history of ever. In one scene, two police show up to this epic party, and luckily the two main boys are able to silence everyone at the party and contain them all in the back yard, just long enough to get the cops to go away. Okay, stop right there, Project X. There were maybe over a hundred drunk high schoolers all in the back yard being quiet for the police. I’ve been to high school parties with maybe 40 people who couldn’t be quiet long enough to get the cops to go away. They have a snow ball’s chance in hell of getting that many people to be quiet for that period of time.

Also, to add to the unrealistic-ness of the movie, the boys are able to get the cops to go away by telling them that the cops don’t have the right to come into the house without the permission of the owners of the house. Well, sorry to burst everyone who fell for that bubble, but that is absolutely not true at all. If the cops have been called for anything such as a noise complaint, they have every right to come inside your house to look around. So for those of you who are hoping to now throw the most epic party ever, I hope you don’t mind it only lasting thirty minutes until it gets shut down. Which brings me to my next point.

Comments about wanting to have a party like the one in Project X like Omo-Osagie’s did not all stop after seeing the movie. There were still people posting all over facebook stuff like, “Before I die, I want to go to a party like the one in Project X.” Senior Kenny Lin had a response to all of those people when he tweeted, “Project X is the perfect movie for people with really really unrealistic expectations.”

Which is completely true, the people that think that Project X is really realistic, are the same people who play Grand Theft Auto and think they can get away with stealing cars and shooting police officers. It might be the first thing in the history of scapegoating that is the actual reason for a bunch of ridiculous parties springing up all over America. But hey, as long as you’re popular in high school everything is going to be okay for you. Speaking of which…

The movie had no morals or lessons learned by the end of it. The main characters all get off on a few harmless charges, no one’s parents were too mad, the awkward teen protagonist gets the super hot girl, and they all become legends at their high school. What kind of message is that sending? It’s okay to throw a party that results in every house on the street catching fire, as long as you become popular? I like to party and everything but that has got to be one of the most irresponsible movie messages in the history of movie messages.

If you have not seen this movie yet, do not let this article dissuade you from going. As a high schooler, I cannot help but smile at the idea of an epic party like the one in Project X. The movie is also good for a few laughs, and has a great sound track. I just hope for your sake, you do not have a horrible audience that talks through 89.3% of the flick, talking about how much better drinkers they are than the people in the movie.

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