High School Manager Joins College Team

By:  Chelsea Cross – Staff Writer

Alex Wallner is a senior at Centennial High School.  He has been an honor roll student for all four years and is continuing to rise in the classroom. Wallner has managed the basketball team for two to three years and is well respected among the students at Centennial and the coaching staff. Wallner is now being recruited by the Longwood Lancers to manage the college team. The Longwood Lancers had a record of (10-21) this past year, but Alex Wallner believes he can make a huge turnaround. Continue reading High School Manager Joins College Team

Girls Prepare to Hit the Football Field This Fall

By Chantal Meacham – Staff Writer

Homecoming Powder Puff was nothing compared to what’s about to come next spring to Centennial High School.  Girls football is finally here!  Throughout the years girls have anticipated their one chance to show the boys that they can play football too.  The upcoming head coach, Kyle Jackson, said: “I’ve always felt that there were girls out there that would make great football players.  And now we’re going to finally give them the opportunity to prove it.”  The girls will have a full season to show the boys they can compete. Continue reading Girls Prepare to Hit the Football Field This Fall

New iPhone Delayed

By Omar Sharif and Will James – Staff Writers

When is the new iPhone 5 coming out? There is no exact date but it is speculated to be released later in 2013. The iPhone 4/4s were one of the best selling phones for Apple. Even though the iPhone 4s was highly anticipated most people thought it was just like the other iPhone models in the past. People were really excited about the iPhone 4/4s but they are even more excited for iPhone 5 making it the most anticipated iPhone yet. The release date for apple’s iPhone 5 is one of the hottest topics, and the latest news focuses on its possible debut. Continue reading New iPhone Delayed

Joanne Nielsen: A Closet Romance Novelist

By Faith A. Middleton and Lexi Zahrn – Staff Writers

Students are often skeptical of their teachers having lives outside of school, but teachers live for the weekend just as much as their avid learners. Ms. Joanne Nielsen, head of Centennial’s English department, counts down the minutes until the dismissal bell.   Contrary to the beliefs of her AP students, Nielsen does not abandon the grading of essays out of laziness; she is occupied with her second job as a romance novelist. Continue reading Joanne Nielsen: A Closet Romance Novelist

Administration Cracks Down With New Dance Policy

By Andrew Warner – Staff Writer

Administration has been on pins and needles lately and with prom coming up they are on the verge of laying down the law. “After the past two years at Centennial, it has been a reoccurring issue that we have been trying to fix. Since students are not listening we do not have any choice but to take more serious measures to stop the explicit dancing and implement more strict consequences if it keeps happening” says Principal Greg Johnson. In the past, there have been many instances of people dancing explicitly which has caused administration to step in and enforce a new dancing policy that they hope will completely eliminate “juking” or “grinding.” Continue reading Administration Cracks Down With New Dance Policy

Cole World Heats Up

By Jewel Goodly & Roni Adar – Staff Writers

Rapper and singer J. Cole is scheduled to perform at the Assembly Hall on Tuesday April 17, 2012 at 7:30 for his Cole World tour. The ticket prices range from $65-$230. BIG K.R.I.T will be opening for J. Cole. J. Cole’s tour producers recently announced that as a favor to singer and performer, Drake, who had a concert at the Assembly Hall in the fall, there will be some special performances at the J. Cole concert at Assembly Hall. Continue reading Cole World Heats Up