Administration Cracks Down With New Dance Policy

By Andrew Warner – Staff Writer

Administration has been on pins and needles lately and with prom coming up they are on the verge of laying down the law. “After the past two years at Centennial, it has been a reoccurring issue that we have been trying to fix. Since students are not listening we do not have any choice but to take more serious measures to stop the explicit dancing and implement more strict consequences if it keeps happening” says Principal Greg Johnson. In the past, there have been many instances of people dancing explicitly which has caused administration to step in and enforce a new dancing policy that they hope will completely eliminate “juking” or “grinding.”

Homecoming this past year was basically the last straw for administration. They tried enforcing the rule that the girls cannot bend over while dancing, but even with that rule in place people were still doing it with no consequences.  After that dance, they realized that the dancing was still too vulgar. They decided to come up with new ways of punishment for repeated “bad” dancing behavior. Along with being kicked out of the dance, students could face social probation, SSR time, or in more serious cases, face the school board for potential suspension for sexual exploits.

Administration does not want to ruin dances, but they have received too many complaints and have seen themselves how bad students can be. This is why they want to make a no contact rule aside from slow dances. This rule leaves a lot of questions in the air such as how do you dance with someone by not touching them? Well, their idea is to get a DJ to play only line dances such as Cupid Shuffle or Cha Cha Slide. “We think that as long as we can still play songs that are popular but have a more directed, less explicit way of dancing, then students can still have fun and can give administration the chance to relax a little more.”  Johnson says. This way people can still dance around and be goofy, while keeping it clean.  April Fools!