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April 1, 2012

Centennial Reinstates Senior Policy

by The Centinal

By Hannah Ritchey – Editor-in-chief

Last fall brought the horrible news of no more senior policy to the class of 2012. This spring however, brings better news to the future seniors; Principal Greg Johnson announced that Centennial would be reinstating senior policy for the 2012-2013 school years. He also plans to keep it for upcoming years.

In previous years, seniors could qualify for senior policy by getting a certain score or higher on the WorkKeys test. Once they did that, they had to maintain a B or higher in the class to be able to opt out of the final at the end of the semester.

This policy was helpful because juniors typically take the WorkKeys the day after the ACT. After a rigorous day of test taking, students are not very motivated to take a test that affects them far less than the ACT ever will. In order to prevent students from blowing off the second test they created a score that could “qualify” the juniors for senior policy the next year. If the students made the cut they became eligible for senior policy. This gave the students an incentive to actually try on the test. It was a win-win situation; the schools get better test scores, and the students get the opportunity to catch a break at the end of the semester by not taking finals.

It is also common for seniors to develop “senioritis”: a slang term for the laziness seniors begin to feel towards the end of the year. This is due to the anxiousness of moving on to life after high school or the common thought that “I’ve already been admitted to college so why do I need to try anymore?” Teachers do all they can to gear students away from this mindset but it’s no easy task. Senior policy was a good way to keep students motivated to maintain good grades in their classes.

Principal Greg Johnson says they originally took away senior policy because “…after years at Centennial, we felt students had been given way too many privileges. This was just another way to exercise our iron will.”  However this news brought quite a riot among the senior class.

Senior, Peter Black recalls what happened when he heard the news. “I was out of town and Interact was sitting down to meet with [Mr. Johnson] when they heard the news. I sent a five page long text to Tara Mobasseri and had her read it out loud to everyone at the meeting. I was so mad!” Holly Bush, also a senior points out that “I had waited three years to be able to get good grades and have it pay off by opting out of finals, finding out that was no longer an option was devastating.”

“We realize now that senior policy has a positive effect on both sides. Instead of students being lazy throughout the whole semester, they perform better and are still given the chance to be “lazy” but not until the very end when they have worked for it. This also allows teachers to do their job better because the students are more focused within the classroom” says Johnson. The Class of 2012 got the short end of the stick to say the least, but now justice has been restored within Centennial High School!  April Fools!

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