Free Parking Next Year

By Abrar Al-Heeti -Staff Writer

There’s good news for anyone who will be driving to school next year – Principal Greg Johnson has decided, with the help of a lengthy petition from students, to establish free parking in the student parking lot as of next fall.

Centennial students have been fighting the issue of the $50 yearly parking fee for a while now, claiming it to be an unnecessary burden.  But they have recently stepped up the degree of their opposition by creating a petition that rallies for the elimination of the parking sticker. It was well-received by peers and reached 50 signatures within its first week. When it was presented to Mr. Johnson, he felt the students’ argument was valid and brought up the issue with the assistant principals and deans. After much discussion about the request of the students, they were persuaded that free parking was the right decision.

“After hearing what students had to say about the issue, we realized they had a convincing argument, and we couldn’t turn them down,” says  Johnson. “This just makes things easier for everyone.”

Students were ecstatic about their victory and felt it was a battle worth fighting.  Junior Andrew Lee said, “Even though I don’t have a car, we worked really hard to make this happen.  I’m glad this whole article is a joke.”  April Fools!