Girls Prepare to Hit the Football Field This Fall

By Chantal Meacham – Staff Writer

Homecoming Powder Puff was nothing compared to what’s about to come next spring to Centennial High School.  Girls football is finally here!  Throughout the years girls have anticipated their one chance to show the boys that they can play football too.  The upcoming head coach, Kyle Jackson, said: “I’ve always felt that there were girls out there that would make great football players.  And now we’re going to finally give them the opportunity to prove it.”  The girls will have a full season to show the boys they can compete.
Tryouts will take place in the spring of 2013 at a date that is still to be determined.  Athletic Director, Brian Easter, stated that “While I’m really excited to have a new sport, I am concerned about how it will affect our other girls’ teams in the spring.”  The season overlaps with track, softball, and soccer; but because of Centennial’s size having enough numbers shouldn’t be an issue.  Training for next season will begin this June with weight training on Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. on the football practice field behind Centennial.  Anyone interested in trying out is strongly advised to come.  Coach Jackson will start holding practices in July to get the girls used to their positions and introduce them to the plays they will be running in the spring.
Centennial is the first high school in Illinois to have an actual girls football team so all of the games will be held against club teams throughout the state.  Games are being scheduled this month but there is an expected 4 home games this season. Easter said “It’ll be really neat to see the first Friday night game under the lights.”  This will be a great experience for anyone interested in being a part of the first girls football team in the state of Illinois.  Coach Jackson added, “I’m really excited for this opportunity.  I can’t wait to see what these girls can bring to the football field.”  For more information on the girls’ football team please contact Kyle Jackson at   APRIL FOOLS!