High School Manager Joins College Team

By:  Chelsea Cross – Staff Writer

Alex Wallner is a senior at Centennial High School.  He has been an honor roll student for all four years and is continuing to rise in the classroom. Wallner has managed the basketball team for two to three years and is well respected among the students at Centennial and the coaching staff. Wallner is now being recruited by the Longwood Lancers to manage the college team. The Longwood Lancers had a record of (10-21) this past year, but Alex Wallner believes he can make a huge turnaround.

What collegiate team are you committing to?

“The Longwood Lancers of Farmville, VA because I love their improvement and moving to a new conference will not only raises their potential, but raise their marketability. #LancerNation”

What made you want to manage the Longwood Lancers?

“From managing at Centennial, I felt like managing a low division one team would be one memorable accomplishment.”

What’s your favorite part of managing sports?

“Hanging out with the team, I got a lot of respect and admiration from managing and I just love to do it because I’m experienced.”

Do you have a specific sport you like to manage? Why?

“Water polo because being in a pool is exhilarating and water polo is a sport that is rising in America.”

What are you looking forward to with this team?

“I look forward to winning a national championship and getting a banner at Willett Hall.”

When is your signing for the Longwood Lancers?

“April 12th, 2012”

If you weren’t managing, what would you be doing now?

“Playing basketball for Fisher Bunnies, averaging 30 points, 12 rebounds, and 15 assists.”

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