New iPhone Delayed

By Omar Sharif and Will James – Staff Writers

When is the new iPhone 5 coming out? There is no exact date but it is speculated to be released later in 2013. The iPhone 4/4s were one of the best selling phones for Apple. Even though the iPhone 4s was highly anticipated most people thought it was just like the other iPhone models in the past. People were really excited about the iPhone 4/4s but they are even more excited for iPhone 5 making it the most anticipated iPhone yet. The release date for apple’s iPhone 5 is one of the hottest topics, and the latest news focuses on its possible debut.

As long as the iPhone has been out it has always had the same design. The new iPhone is expected to have a completely new design and interface. The new design is rumored to be one of Steve Jobs last ideas before his death. The iPhone 4 claims to have a class stronger than plastic and more resistant to scratches. However there are many reports that the iPhone screen scratches and breaks easily. The iPhone 5 will have a stronger glass than its predecessors, which will make it a lot easier to withstand shock and sudden impact. When asked about his excitement about the new release Josh Manolakes had this to say, “Well for a person like me, that drops my phone frequently, the iPhone 4 was not able to hold up very well for me but I look forward to seeing a much stronger screen then the one I have now.” One of the biggest problems with cell phones these days is that whenever it is accidently dropped the screen breaks and that problem is expected to be solved with the new iPhone 5.

The speculation around the iPhone 5’s screen is probably the biggest topic about the phone. The size of the screen compared to other smart phones on the market makes all of the iPhone 4s users want a bigger screen. In order to give it a bigger screen they would also have to change the whole design. First the design was going to be a tear-drop glass design. It was tested out and they believed that it would change the traditional apple style so they decided to toss out that idea. Apple has thought of many different ideas and styles for the new iPhone 5 in order to create new excitement for the phone but it is not as easy as it sounds.

Last year’s beta iPhone 4 was left in a bar by an Apple employee and was found and the designs were spread all over the internet which decreased everyone’s interest. That same year, before the release of the iPhone 4s, the prototype version of the iPhone was completely lost but never recovered. Losing this prototype makes it hard for people to really see the new design for the iPhone 5, and that is exactly what Apple wants. The less people know about the new iPhone the more they will want to find out and that creates a greater demand for the phone. It is almost like a competition to see who can find the release dates of the new iPhone first. Apple does not have to worry about marketing as much as other companies because of how popular their releases are becoming.

For everyone that was expecting to buy the iPhone 5 this summer they’ll now be waiting another year. Since creating the iPhone 4s they have decided to wait until late 2013. This is exactly what Apple wants. They know that by pushing the date back that it will create a bigger buzz and more people will find out about the new phone.  April Fools!