Old Cellphone Policy Returns

By Megan Wolter – Opinions Editor

Do you remember the old cell phone policy, where one could only text before or after school and during their lunch hours? That policy is coming back, but with a few adjustments.
Starting next year, students will only be allowed to use their cell phones before and after school. If there is an emergency or serious need to contact someone that is not at school during the day, students will have to use the phone in the attendance office. Moreover, they will have to give the reason that they are making the call and who it is to.
If students use their phones at any time during the day that isn’t before or after school, there will be consequences. If a phone is seen out, but not in use, the student will get fifteen detention minutes. If the phone is seen out and in use, the student will get a Dean’s Referral.
Why is the administration cracking down on cell phones? Principal Johnson said “We, the Administration and I, decided to change the policy because cell phones were becoming an issue. Students were not following the new policy in place and so we decided to go back to the old one. This may change in the future, but starting next year, we will be enforcing the new policy.”
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