Centennial Takes a Stand for Those Who Can’t

By Jewel Goodly – Staff Writer

For months now, Centennial High School has been preparing for the Miracle Network Dance Marathon that will be held in the Centennial gym on April 20th from 6:00-10:00pm. Students have been selling candy bars and balloons to fundraise for this event and many organizations around Champaign have made donations. To promote this party around Centennial, students even performed flash mobs.  A dance marathon is a party to celebrate the funds Centennial High School has raised for the Children’s Miracle Network.  All proceeds will go to the Children’s Miracle Network to support children’s hospitals. Continue reading Centennial Takes a Stand for Those Who Can’t

Athlete of the Month: Grey Schultz (Baseball)

By Chelsea Cross

Grey Schultz isn’t your typical teenager. He’s not only a leader on the outfield, but a leader in the classroom. Grey is a part of Centennial’s National Honor Society which only allows students with a 3.0 GPA to enter. Grey has a GPA of 3.75, not only has he been on the Honor Roll for all three years, but, he also received MVP his freshmen year of baseball. Some of Grey’s favorite things to do in his spare time are to go to church and intern at First Christian. Grey continues to strike up quite a reputation for himself as not only being a threat in the classroom, but also on the field. Continue reading Athlete of the Month: Grey Schultz (Baseball)


By: Connor Metcalf

There has been a disease going around at Centennial lately. One that messes with a person’s mind so horribly, and is spreading around Centennial High School like a virus is a walking dead movie. Students become zombies, going through the motions of every day. Depressed looks and urge to escape like someone nearing the end of their stay in prison. Symptoms include; shortening of attention span, frequent pains causing you to groan really loudly, anger, and in some cases unintentionally becoming more introverted. This is called senioritis, and it is taking its toll on the class of 2012 this quarter as we come closer and closer to walking the stage and being done with high school. It seems that every week less and less students are motivated to do any work at all. Even writing this article is becoming a chore as I push back writing it every single night. It is a psychological disease that eventually everyone has to deal with and here are some ways to tell if senioritis has fully hit you or someone you care for. Continue reading Senioritis