Athlete of the Month: Grey Schultz (Baseball)

By Chelsea Cross

Grey Schultz isn’t your typical teenager. He’s not only a leader on the outfield, but a leader in the classroom. Grey is a part of Centennial’s National Honor Society which only allows students with a 3.0 GPA to enter. Grey has a GPA of 3.75, not only has he been on the Honor Roll for all three years, but, he also received MVP his freshmen year of baseball. Some of Grey’s favorite things to do in his spare time are to go to church and intern at First Christian. Grey continues to strike up quite a reputation for himself as not only being a threat in the classroom, but also on the field.

What do you like about baseball the most?

“I like that in baseball that you always get a second chance. And it’s the most individual team sport.”

What made you want to play baseball?

“I grew up playing it, and my dad put me in it, so I stuck with it.”

Who inspired you to play baseball?

“My daddy”

What’s your favorite memory so far from either last season to this one?

“The homerun hit at Central, because I was really young.”

If you could describe your game in one word, what would it be?


Finish the sentence…

If I could go anywhere it would be…. “Colorado.”

My favorite color is….”red.”

My celebrity crush is…..”Brooklyn Decker” (star actress in Just Go With It).

I love to….”go to church.”