By: Connor Metcalf

There has been a disease going around at Centennial lately. One that messes with a person’s mind so horribly, and is spreading around Centennial High School like a virus is a walking dead movie. Students become zombies, going through the motions of every day. Depressed looks and urge to escape like someone nearing the end of their stay in prison. Symptoms include; shortening of attention span, frequent pains causing you to groan really loudly, anger, and in some cases unintentionally becoming more introverted. This is called senioritis, and it is taking its toll on the class of 2012 this quarter as we come closer and closer to walking the stage and being done with high school. It seems that every week less and less students are motivated to do any work at all. Even writing this article is becoming a chore as I push back writing it every single night. It is a psychological disease that eventually everyone has to deal with and here are some ways to tell if senioritis has fully hit you or someone you care for.

You will undoubtedly hear phrases such as, “Oh my god, I’m so bored I want to kill myself.”This is a pretty extreme thing to say in class when nothing is going on, and it is also a touchy subject that puts people on edge. We’re told in middle school and health class to never take threats of suicide lightly, but the truth is people can and do say something like that without meaning it.  They are most likely just someone who says really insensitive things when they do not want to be at school. These phrases usually come after a long and loud groan that you will often never expect.

Another common phrase is, “Oh my god, I cant wait to get out of here and go to college.” this is another thing we just write off as being caused by senioritis. It sounds like they are saying it because they feel they are ready for the next step in their lives. It really means they are ready to get out and away from the people you’ve been surrounded by for four years, because they realize how much they hate them and are ready to meet new people. If you hear someone say this, it’s safe to say they’re probably talking about you no matter how much or how little you think mean to their lives. Which sounds sad but when you think about it, you want to get away from them too, so you can not really be mad at them for saying it.

Soon you will notice that you aren’t seeing some of your friends as much as you used to. Maybe they are just at home napping because they’re so worn out from school. Senioritis causes these kids to have less and less energy making them too lazy to do work in the classroom and especially not at home. Why do homework when you have a big comfy bed to sleep face down on for 6 hours straight? Why do anything at all when you have Facebook and television to entertain you? Luckily this only found in severe cases of the disease, and goes unnoticed to the rest of the infected.

Teachers have to put up with their student’s laziness, which can not make their job any easier. Students get mad that teachers are still assigning stuff this late in the semester. They tend to forget that we still have plenty of time to learn a few more chapters in math class, and it’s part of the teacher’s job to teach as much as she can by May 15th. The teachers forget however, that even every other year in high school, this time of year students get a little anxious for summer to get here, so it really does us no good to teach us things that we are just going to forget in a couple weeks anyway. This is just an unavoidable situation in school where students begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer, and it is hard to keep their mind focused on anything else.

This is always a problem that ends up fixing itself. The seniors graduate, go off to college, and a new group of seniors will take their place the next year. People with senioritis can recover from it positively by fitting in right away in college. Hopefully they will meet new friends, have a great time, stay away from academic probation, and just slide through easily in college as they probably did in high school. Then of course they can also recover poorly by not being prepared at all for the next level of life. So seniors of the class of 2012, I wish the best of luck with your illnesses, I hope you recover on the positive end of the spectrum.