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April 16, 2012

Seniors Begin to Relfect on High School Experience

by The Centinal

By Abrar Al-Heeti – Staff Writer

As graduation approaches, Centennial seniors are beginning to experience a mix of emotions. Feelings of excitement and anticipation for starting the next phase of life are accompanied by expected sentiments of nostalgia and recollections of happy memories. They are torn between holding on to all the good times in high school and preparing to take the next step towards their futures.

Reflecting upon her four years at Centennial, senior Esther Han says that her favorite memory was lunch, and that, “What I will miss most about high school are the friends.” When asked about what she looks forward to as she moves on from high school to college, she says, “Meeting new people in a new place while keeping in touch with my old friends.”

Senior Pamela Paet recalls that her best memory was “Circle Wars,” which consisted of her and a group of friends meeting up between 4th and 5th hour in the English hallway and just catching up and talking. What she looks forward to in the future is, “Making it big.”

Senior Rachel Swanson recalls prom as her best high school memory. “I had so much fun.” What she will miss most about her time here is, “the workload, because college is going to be much harder. My sleep schedule will be messed up.” As she looks toward the future, she is excited about, “Going to college, meeting more people of my faith, and making more friends in Christ.”

Senior Mary Hong looks back at her trip to Europe last year with the school as her favorite memory. “It was such a life-changing experience.” She also reflects upon her time on the tennis team as a highlight of her high school career. She looks forward to going to college. “I got a lot of experience in high school,” she says. “Now I look forward to the college experience.”

As the school year rapidly approaches an end, it is a time for reflection and a time for looking forward to what is to come for Centennial’s seniors.

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