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April 30, 2012

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Wowed the Crowds

by The Centinal

By: Tara Mobasseri and Drew Warner

This year Centennial High school put on their annual spring musical. According to CHS choir teacher, Mrs. Wyatt, “Centennial has been putting on musicals for well over 40 years.” This year the thespian troupe, Mrs. Aldridge and Mrs. Wyatt decided on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as the spring musical. This musical is one that Centennial actually did a few years ago. “I think this production was very different from the last time Centennial did it,” said Michelle Caneva, who played a lead role as the narrator. “Our cast was much larger than I think they had previously, and I don’t think any cast had the heart and determination that we did!”

Joseph consisted of about 143 students, which is about 10% of Centennials population. Those 143 students range from actual cast members, to backstage crew, lighting and sound crew, and students involved in set construction. The show also consisted of about 40 middle/elementary school students who played a smaller but still very important role in the show. One special younger one is Ryan Gossett. He is an 8th grader at Jefferson Middle school and is very involved in musical theatre in the community. Ryan had a very large role in the show. He helped tie everything in show together, from playing a mini Joseph, to an ensemble member, and many more.

This rendition of Joseph incorporated many pop culture references, which Gossett took a large part in doing. From Elvis to Willy Wonka, you were sure to spot something you knew. The audience had a change to try to guess all of the ones they saw and then enter their name into a drawing. This was something not usually done in musicals.

Unlike many of the past musicals this musical had only one speaking line. Everything else was singing and dancing. This dynamic and crowd pleasing show was a hit with the cast and audience. The cast was overjoyed with a standing ovation at every show. The show also helped to raise approximately 2,500 dollars for the Clif Rocks foundation.

With three out of the four leads of the show as underclassmen we asked what can Centennial and the community expect next year from the Centennial drama department. “Expect them to be just as good or better. We have an incredible amount of talent. The more kids take choir or drama the better the shows will be,” Wyatt commented.

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