Graduation 2012

On May 22 the senior class of 2012 said goodbye to the yellow halls of Centennial High School and stepped into the beginning of the rest of their lives. Four of the graduates, Jill Taylor, Sarah Zola, Elliot Campos, and Daniel Lee, spoke to their fellow classmates about the memories of high school and gave advice about the upcoming years. Centennial’s choir, Expressions, performed at the beginning of the ceremony performing “We Are Young”. Right before the graduates were allowed to move their tassels David Kessler sang I’m Movin’ On by Rascal Flatts that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. “I’m sad but I know I’ll be performing a lot more in my life so it’s like the first step to more coming” said David Kessler about having his last performance as a part of Centennial High School. The ceremony was filled with laughter, smiles, and tears but all in all the seniors agree it was a bittersweet moment to graduate from high school. Continue reading Graduation 2012

Teachers Deserve Thanks

By Abrar Al-Heeti – Staff Writer

The classes and teachers one has in high school play a fundamental role in the success and happiness of the student. An enjoyable and beneficial class will influence the student to work hard and do his or her best, and a good teacher will be there to encourage the student to achieve the highest possible level of accomplishment. Most students can say they have had a fair share of both good and not-so-great courses and teachers, but a few Centennial students shared with The Centinal the classes and teachers they chose to be their favorite. Continue reading Teachers Deserve Thanks

Prom Is In The Air

By: Melanie Mesker and Trent Reeve

Over the last few months you may have seen Junior and Senior guys buying flowers and chocolate, painting their stomach, planning a scavenger hunt, or even wearing a gorilla suit. With prom around the corner students have been getting asked to prom left and right. Here is a slideshow of the most memorable ways of getting asked to prom. Continue reading Prom Is In The Air

Lacrosse Club Gaining Momentum

By: Hannah Ritchey

Everybody knows springtime can mean baseball, track & field, or soccer but a sport that doesn’t get a lot of attention is Lacrosse. Lacrosse has been a program at Centennial for over 5 years now but a lot of students still don’t even know it’s an option. “Until last year I didn’t even know we had a Lacrosse team”, says Ryan McCuskey. However, the Lacrosse boys aren’t to blame; part of the reason this sport has remained so low-key is because it’s not officially a sport at Centennial, it’s a club. Continue reading Lacrosse Club Gaining Momentum

Briscoe Hurdles His Way to College

By:  Chelsea Cross Staff Writer

David Briscoe’s name may ring a bell, but if it doesn’t maybe you’d remember him hurdling over everything on Centennial High school’s track. David Briscoe is a well known athlete at Centennial, who’s known for running circles around people. This year he qualified for Illinois Prep Top Times in three events, 55mhh, 4×2 relay, and 200m dash. Briscoe also was a Twin-City champion in the 110mhh, 300m Intermediate Hurdles and the 4×1 relay. Overall, Briscoe has had an amazing high school career in track and will soon move on to William Penn University in Iowa this fall. Continue reading Briscoe Hurdles His Way to College

Centennial Students Save Lives

By Tara Mobassari – Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday May 3rd the Centennial Interact club had its annual blood drive. The blood drive was held in the Aldridge auditorium throughout the school day. Students signed up to donate prior to the blood drive. There were about 147 students who tried to donate blood and 107 who actually donated blood! Each person who donates their blood can actually help to save three lives. Continue reading Centennial Students Save Lives