Centennial Students Save Lives

By Tara Mobassari – Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday May 3rd the Centennial Interact club had its annual blood drive. The blood drive was held in the Aldridge auditorium throughout the school day. Students signed up to donate prior to the blood drive. There were about 147 students who tried to donate blood and 107 who actually donated blood! Each person who donates their blood can actually help to save three lives.

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Photos by Jewel Goodly

In total Centennial students saved about 321 lives! Jill Taylor, a senior, while giving blood said “I’m very nervous to donate blood. But I just keep telling myself it’s a good cause.” it was Jill’s first time donating blood and she says that she will continue to do it in the future. Congratulations Centennial students for the astonishing number of lives you saved! Centennial students are making a difference day by day!