Briscoe Hurdles His Way to College

By:  Chelsea Cross Staff Writer

David Briscoe’s name may ring a bell, but if it doesn’t maybe you’d remember him hurdling over everything on Centennial High school’s track. David Briscoe is a well known athlete at Centennial, who’s known for running circles around people. This year he qualified for Illinois Prep Top Times in three events, 55mhh, 4×2 relay, and 200m dash. Briscoe also was a Twin-City champion in the 110mhh, 300m Intermediate Hurdles and the 4×1 relay. Overall, Briscoe has had an amazing high school career in track and will soon move on to William Penn University in Iowa this fall.

What’s your favorite part of the season?

“State!!!! State is the most exhilarating and heart-pumping meet of the year.”

Who inspired you to run Track?

“My oldest brother (Dorrell) and my cousin Davin. Dorrell ran at University of North Florida, and Davin currently runs at Western Illinois University.”

What made you sign with William Penn University?

“They’re a great school. It’s smaller but it’s close-knit and there track is becoming a dominant force in their conference.”

Have you played any other sports during your high school career?

“Yes, I played football for 3 years.”

Is there one thing you wish you could’ve accomplished, but didn’t?

“I wish I would have broken the meet record at the Indoor Big 12 Conference.”

Finish the sentence:

If I could go anywhere it would be…. “Niagara Falls”

My favorite color is… “Green”

My dream date…”Ashanti” (R&B artist)

If I could thank one person it would be… “My mom of course, she has been by my side all of my life, she nurtures, loves, and cares so much about me and she is hands down the best mommy in the world.”