Lacrosse Club Gaining Momentum

By: Hannah Ritchey

Everybody knows springtime can mean baseball, track & field, or soccer but a sport that doesn’t get a lot of attention is Lacrosse. Lacrosse has been a program at Centennial for over 5 years now but a lot of students still don’t even know it’s an option. “Until last year I didn’t even know we had a Lacrosse team”, says Ryan McCuskey. However, the Lacrosse boys aren’t to blame; part of the reason this sport has remained so low-key is because it’s not officially a sport at Centennial, it’s a club.

A club makes it sound as though it’s not legitimate, but Lacrosse at Centennial is on the rise. Junior, Ehsawn Feiz says, “The program has gotten more rigorous and intense. The coaches are really crackin’ down.” Head coach Daniel Dudley and assistant coach Matt Gruber currently coach the club. Dudley has been with the program for four years and Gruber two.  Along with Centennial students, the team consists of students from both Central and Mahomet. This mix of athletes from various schools could create confusion about what to call themselves, but the Lacrosse boys still call themselves the Chargers.

The boys practice and play their games over on the freshman football field located behind the softball and baseball fields on the south side of the school. Unless it’s a regular practice or a rare home game the boys may be hard to run in to; that’s because they mostly play teams from the Chicago area. Lacrosse is more developed as a sport in northern Illinois so traveling up there allows for some good competition. The medley of schools that form the Charger Lacrosse team are among the first to start a program that could one day reach the levels of Chicago schools.

When asked about the future of Lacrosse at Centennial, Fez said “State Championships.” Sounds hopeful enough! The Lacrosse boys are probably some of the most laid back people around Centennial.  The team seems to agree that, “It just has a really good atmosphere. The people are really nice, and it’s really chill.” So help this upcoming program out and stop by a few games or wish them luck the next time they head out of town!