Teachers Deserve Thanks

By Abrar Al-Heeti – Staff Writer

The classes and teachers one has in high school play a fundamental role in the success and happiness of the student. An enjoyable and beneficial class will influence the student to work hard and do his or her best, and a good teacher will be there to encourage the student to achieve the highest possible level of accomplishment. Most students can say they have had a fair share of both good and not-so-great courses and teachers, but a few Centennial students shared with The Centinal the classes and teachers they chose to be their favorite. Senior Esther Han says Mr. Hooper is her favorite teacher and AP Statistics is her favorite class, “because we get to apply statistics to daily life through activities such as ‘Frog Olympics’ and ‘Buttered Toast.’” She says of why she likes Mr. Hooper, “He is a good, nice teacher!”’ Junior Tara Ibrahim picks Mr. Sikora as her favorite teacher simply, “because he is awesome.” She adds, “He is also very quotable.” Senior Rachel Swanson says, “My favorite teacher is Mr. Bagniefski, by far! A lot of people would agree.” When asked to explain what she likes about him, she says, “He is so funny and makes learning so enjoyable. He is so detail oriented and makes math easy, especially for those of us who struggle in the subject.”

With such an array of wonderful teachers, it can be difficult to pick just one favorite. But, personally, a teacher who stands out to me is Mrs. Westfield. I see her as not only a great educator, but also a friend. Her warm smile and kind heart combined with her intelligence and wisdom make her an inspiration to me. I will always be thankful to her for her patience and guidance as I made my way through freshman year, and I am grateful for her continued support and kindness throughout my four years at Centennial. And to all of the teachers I have had here at Centennial, thank you for being such wonderful mentors and for teaching me not only the course material, but also valuable life lessons as well. I have learned so much, and I hope to carry the knowledge I have gained from you throughout the rest of my life as I continue to grow and learn. Most importantly, thank you for believing in me and encouraging me; I truly appreciate it.