Centennial Administration Announces New Social Probation Policy

By Roni Adar & Megan Wolter     Editors-in-Chief

Many students and parents are curious about the new tardy policy that Centennial has put in place.  In previous years, when students would be tardy to class or have an unexcused absence, they would receive minutes.  Students would then have to serve these minutes in order to go to sporting events, extracurricular activities and dances.   Although if they got to a certain amount of minutes, students would be placed on the social probation list making them ineligible to attend school functions until they served the amount of time due to the school.  Principal Greg Johnson and many of the Associate Principals didn’t like this system because, “the only reason minutes worked was because of social probation. Kids would get minutes and it would build up over time and when a dance or a big event came around they would start to care. Students didn’t care about being tardy because they knew they could still attend as long as they served minutes. [Having them serve minutes] wasn’t changing their behavior. So we came up with a policy that would change the behavior of the students.” Continue reading Centennial Administration Announces New Social Probation Policy