Centennial Fall 2012 Choir Concert

The choral department had its first concert of the year last night. Expressions and Reflections opened the show with the national anthem, and were followed by Bass Choir. Treble Choir and Reflections performed two songs each, as did Bass Choir. The Chargershop Quartet, made up of Derek Schneider, Thomas Peisker, Cam White and Jack Reeder, performed following a set of Expressions’ songs. The night ended with all four choirs performing the Centennial Fight Song as a group onstage. Continue reading Centennial Fall 2012 Choir Concert

Key Club Collects Change

Are you searching for an opportunity to help kids in need?  You may have noted the green cardboard boxes dispersed around Centennial High School. Mrs. Wyatt and Mrs. Bates, Centennial High School’s Key Club sponsors, have initiated a competition in honor of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). For over sixty years, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society have produced revolutionary and lifesaving research and are dedicated to helping patients with blood cancers live better, longer lives. Continue reading Key Club Collects Change

Recap: NFL Week 3

The third week of the NFL season started on Thursday September 20th with the New York Giants @ the Carolina Panthers. The Giants were able to stop the high power offense of the Panthers, defeating them 36-7. Eli Manning, the Giants quarterback, threw for one touchdown and the Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, ran for one touchdown. The Giants’ backup running back, Andre Brown, had a huge game running for 113 yards on twenty carries and scoring two touchdowns. Continue reading Recap: NFL Week 3

Centennial’s Volleyball Team Joins in Prayer

Champaign Centennial volleyball is a name that seems to have a lot of people talking this year. One reason may be that they have nine returning seniors, most of which have plans to continue playing after high school. This talented team has beaten some of the best teams in the nation, including Wheaton St. Francis, the number one team in Illinois, along with both the Kentucky state champions, and the Arkansas state champions. There’s no doubt about it–this team is talented. Centennial is even the favorite pick in the Class 3A. They’ve created a name for themselves this year and they definitely have people all across the state talking about them. However, there may be another reason for all the buzz.

Continue reading Centennial’s Volleyball Team Joins in Prayer

2012: The end of the world or another deception?

2012 is rapidly approaching, and the infamous phenomenon about the end of the world is looming over our heads. According to theories based on a purported ancient Mayan prediction and emphasized by countless 2012 movies, December 21, 2012 is going to be the end of the world and the doomsday for all mankind.

But could this phenomenon truly be the deadline for Mother Earth? Will the world meet its end-drowned in apocalyptic floods, crushed by incoming planets, slowly scorched to death, or thrown overboard by continental drifts? The question is one of the many that still makes scientists and researchers roll on the ground in agonizing pain.
Whether the rumors are true-nobody knows. But one thing’s for certain-it has left millions of Americans cowering in fear as the dreaded day of 2012 steadily advances. Continue reading 2012: The end of the world or another deception?

Parkland, Centennial Offer Dual Credit Courses

By Megan Wolter & Chelsea Cross

Do you want to earn college credit while also earning high school credit?  Then you should look into the dual credit options at Centennial that allow students to get college credit at Parkland.  Dual credit courses are often taught by either high school or college faculty. The location of the classes can vary, some being at the high school, others at the college or university or sometimes through online courses.  Taking these courses can be to a student’s advantage because colleges may look favorably upon those in dual credit courses when considering students for admission or advanced academic standing.  Universities specifically look at the dual credit course and grade; completion of the course is often an indication of a high school student’s motivation and academic interest in college. Continue reading Parkland, Centennial Offer Dual Credit Courses