Netflix Pick of the Week: Beware the Gonzo


  • Independent Dramedy
  • Released 2010
  • 99 minutes
  • Not Rated

Directed By:

  • Bryan Goluboff


  • Ezra Miller
  • Zoë Kravitz
  • Jesse McCartney
  • Griffin Newman
  • Stefanie Hong
  • Edward Gelbinovich

Filled with drama and random bits of humor, Beware the Gonzo tells the tale of a small group of students that defied the popular kids and started a revolution. It’s a new year at Parker Prep School, and the school’s newspaper, The Courier, is hard at work. Edward Gilman (Ezra Miller) is the only staff member that takes journalism seriously. The paper’s editor-in-chief and most popular guy at school, Gavin Riley (Jesse McCartney), tells him to write a simple back-to-school piece, but Edward incorporates the topic of football players bullying other students at Parker Prep into the article. Gavin ends up printing only the introduction. Upon complaining about it, Edward gets kicked off the newspaper staff.

Angry and feeling a victim of injustice, Edward decides to fight back. With the help of his friends Rob (Griffin Newman), Ming (Stefanie Hong), Scott (Edward Gelbinovich), and Evie (Zoë Kravitz), he starts his own underground newspaper. The Gonzo Files targets the popular kids and the school authorities. There’s an immediate success, and a lot of controversy, when the first issue is distributed. One step at a time, the paper revolutionizes the way students think about Parker Prep. Edward realizes that the power to change the school is in his hands, and his ambition turns the revolution into a situation out of control.

Watch the movie here.