Student of the Week: Rachel Jones

The Student of the Week is picked based on one’s academics, participation in extracurricular activities, and sometimes, athletic performance.  Rachel Jones is this week’s student; she is a senior on this year’s volleyball team that has a ton of potential.  With a team of 9 talented seniors, the Chargers have a chance to go all the way.  She made the all-tournament team at both the Charger Invite and Effingham Crossroads.  Rachel plays a key role in the success of the volleyball team this season, but she’s not just a volleyball player.  The Centinal chose her as this week’s Student of the Week and interviewed her to get to know her a little more.

The Centinal:  You’re finally a senior now.  What has been your favorite part of being at Centennial?

Jones:  Just the people.  Everyone is awesome!

The Centinal:  Your team seems to be pretty close.  Who would you say is the funniest on the team?

Jones:  Jasmine Kyler! Especially when she does the Wobble.

The Centinal:  I’m sure we’d all love to see that! Anyways, what is your favorite memory of this season?

Jones:  Completely missing the ball when we had an overpass.  It was so embarrassing!

The Centinal:  There are high expectations for this season.  How far do you think your team will go this year?

Jones:  STATE!

The Centinal:  You still have some time before then.  What is your greatest accomplishment this year?

Jones:  Beating St. Francis, who is the number one team in the state.

The Centinal:  There are still some big games left to be played.  What game do you look forward to the most coming up?

Jones:  Central!  I always look forward to playing them.

The Centinal:  What are your plans for next year?

Jones:  I am going to play volleyball at Bradley University and my major will be in nursing.

The Centinal:  Who is your role model and why?

Jones:  My mom because she deals with a lot of stuff and always overcomes obstacles that she faces.

The Centinal:  If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Jones:  Typical mixed girl.

The Centinal:  Who is your dream date?

Jones:  My boyfriend.

The Centinal:  What is your favorite movie and why?

JonesThe Last Song because Liam Hemsworth is PERFECT!