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September 19, 2012

Fiction Addiction: Lending Out Kindles

by Megan Wolter

Last year, Centennial’s book club, Fiction Addiction, began to buy Amazon’s Kindles.  They are e-readers that can store hundreds or even thousands of books at once, and can be checked out to any of the club’s members.  This year, the group decided to open up the loaning out of the Kindles to the rest of Centennial so everyone would have a chance to read them.

The e-readers can be checked out for two weeks at a time and so long as there is not a waiting list, it can be checked out for an additional week.  The perk of getting one of the e-readers rather than checking out multiple books is that they are lighter and easier to carry around school and the books on it are recently released, which the library—either Centennial’s or Champaign’s—would normally not get for several months.

The book club meets every Thursday in the library at 3:30.

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