Parkland, Centennial Offer Dual Credit Courses

By Megan Wolter & Chelsea Cross

Do you want to earn college credit while also earning high school credit?  Then you should look into the dual credit options at Centennial that allow students to get college credit at Parkland.  Dual credit courses are often taught by either high school or college faculty. The location of the classes can vary, some being at the high school, others at the college or university or sometimes through online courses.  Taking these courses can be to a student’s advantage because colleges may look favorably upon those in dual credit courses when considering students for admission or advanced academic standing.  Universities specifically look at the dual credit course and grade; completion of the course is often an indication of a high school student’s motivation and academic interest in college.

Parkland and Centennial work very hard together on dual credit because it allows students to gain a better understanding of the subject at hand before they get to college.  It gives one an idea of what the career they want to pursue will be like.  It is important to get information from high school counselors to see what dual credit courses and areas of study work best for the student.

Centennial High School offers many dual credit courses such as Medical Terminology/Medical Careers, Marketing, AP Statistics, Statistics, Entrepreneurship.

The Centinal spoke with several current and former Centennial students who recommend taking dual credit courses.

The Centinal:What do you like about dual credit?

Jonah Peoples: It looks really good on college applications.  So that’s the main reason I took the class.

Austin Beckett: It’s a college experience with a high school environment.  I get college credits before getting into college.

Nicole Schweighart: Dual credit is a great way to challenge yourself and get ahead in your chosen profession.

The Centinal: What do you dislike about dual credit courses?

Austin Beckett: The fact it’s not actually on a college campus.  I took it because I wanted to have college credits before I am actually in college.

Nicole Schweighart: Most of the classes for dual credit are unfortunately not able to be transferred to most universities which makes it somewhat a waste of time.

Jonah Peoples: I like it the way it is.

The Centinal: What made you take a dual credit course?

Austin Beckett: I took it because I wanted to have college credits before I am actually in college.

Nicole Schweighart: I personally took dual credit classes to get ahead and learn more about the profession I hoped to pursue in my college career.

The Centinal: Any other comments or suggestions on how to improve the dual credit program?

Austin Beckett: Have some classes on an actual college campus to allow for the “college experience”.

Nicole Schweighart:  I think all dual credits offered should be transferable to your college of choice therefore not wasting your time and being able to utilize the class in general.

The Centinal: Are there any classes that you wish were offered?

Austin Beckett: I wish they offered some General Education classes for college so I wouldn’t have to pay for them in college.

Nicole Schweighart: I wish they would have one year courses offered to receive certification in a field of your choice…if possible.  And in general more of a variety of classes to meet the needs and interests of most high school students.