Centennial Fall 2012 Choir Concert

The choral department had its first concert of the year last night. Expressions and Reflections opened the show with the national anthem, and were followed by Bass Choir. Treble Choir and Reflections performed two songs each, as did Bass Choir. The Chargershop Quartet, made up of Derek Schneider, Thomas Peisker, Cam White and Jack Reeder, performed following a set of Expressions’ songs. The night ended with all four choirs performing the Centennial Fight Song as a group onstage. Continue reading Centennial Fall 2012 Choir Concert

Key Club Collects Change

Are you searching for an opportunity to help kids in need?  You may have noted the green cardboard boxes dispersed around Centennial High School. Mrs. Wyatt and Mrs. Bates, Centennial High School’s Key Club sponsors, have initiated a competition in honor of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). For over sixty years, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society have produced revolutionary and lifesaving research and are dedicated to helping patients with blood cancers live better, longer lives. Continue reading Key Club Collects Change