Month: October 2012

Fall Fashion

With the odd 70 to 80 degree October weather out of the way, it is safe to say that it’s time to move the short shorts and flip-flops to the back of the closet and break out the oversized sweaters and infinity scarves. It may seem that as the weather gets cooler, […]

Got Sleep?

Teenagers of this generation are not getting enough sleep per night. Agree with this statement? Are you one of the countless teenagers struggling to balance everything in your tight schedule? Teenagers are known to be the single most stressed age group, and lack of sleep is generously contributing to that […]

New Album: Taylor Swift’s “Red”

Six-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift released her fourth full-length studio album, “Red”, on Monday, October 22nd. Her previous album, “Speak Now”, garnered over one million album sales in its first week. The 22-year-old singer/songwriter has been featured on multiple magazine covers, including “Seventeen”, “Vogue” and “Glamour”. At 19 years of […]

One Direction 2013 Tour

The boy band One Direction has become one of the most popular names known around the world. People have even gone so far as comparing them to the Beatle’s! With a successful 2012 tour of the US, they decided to come back for another round. The 2013 US tour kicks off […]


Artist, musician, actor, golfer, and all around great guy, these are traits that help define Benjamin Khachaturian, which is why it is such a no-brainer to nominate him “Student of the Week”!   The Centinal got to sit down with him for an exclusive interview to get to the bottom of his […]

Music Affects Teens

The cultures present in today’s society are greatly based upon what you hear on TV, what you listen to on YouTube and the kind of music on your iPod. Everything you do has an effect on your personality. Music is a very powerful medium and is greatly influential at the […]

Coolest iPhone Cases

Apple’s iPhone has taken this century by storm.  With so many students at Centennial that have an iPhone, everyone is trying to make it their own by adding a cool case.  Here are the top 10 coolest iPhone cases that The Centinal found at Centennial High School.

Haunted High a Spooky Success

Centennial’s Haunted High raised more than just the community’s Halloween spirits.  A total of 555 customers made their way through the haunted hallways of Centennial.  Customers donated 313 pairs of shoes for the Shoeman Water Project  The haunted high school also raised more than $1200 for the United Way’s Homeless Family […]