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October 6, 2012

Recap: NFL Week 4

by Leon Phanrana

Week four of the NFL season started on Thursday September 27, the biggest news of week four was the return of the regular referees after a 3 month lockout. The new contract bargaining agreement between the NFL and the NFL referees association gives the referees a pay raise from $149,000 in 2011 to $173,000 by 2013 to $205,000 by 2019, the new CBA will last for 8 years. The first game of the week saw the Cleveland Browns @ the Baltimore Ravens, the Ravens won the game 23-16. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco threw for 356 yards and 1 touchdown.

On Sunday saw some teams looking to go undefeated at 4-0 and some trying to make adjustments after the first quarter of the season. We also saw the first group of teams have a bye week who were the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers. One notable game in the noon session was the New England Patriots @ the Buffalo Bills, the Bills had a 14 point lead going into halftime, but in the second half the Patriots dominated the second half winning the game 52-28. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw for 340 yards and 3 touchdowns, while Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns, both teams have two wins and two losses. Another notable game in the noon session was the San Francisco 49ers @ the New York Jets the ‘Niners crushed the Jets on both sides of the ball winning by the score of 34-0, ‘Niners running back Frank Gore ran for 62 yards and 1 touchdown which was the only touchdown by the first strings on both teams, the ‘Niners improve to 3 wins and one loss as the Jets go to two wins and two losses. One last notable game of the noon session was the Carolina Panthers @ the Atlanta Falcons, this game went down to the wire with the Falcons winning 30-28 by a last second field goal, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw for 316 yards and 3 touchdowns, while Panthers quarterback Cam Newton threw for 215 yards and two touchdowns he also ran for 86 yards and ran one touchdown, the Falcons keep an unbeaten record with 4 wins and 0 losses and the Panthers drop to one win and 3 losses. One notable game from the 3:30 PM session of games were the Oakland Raiders @ the Denver Broncos, Broncos defense dominated the Raiders offense stopping them to only 2 field goals all game, the final score was 37-6, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw for 338 yards and 3 touchdowns. Another notable game from the 3:30 PM session was the Miami Dolphins @ the Arizona Cardinals this game had the be decided in overtime with the Cardinals winning 24-21, Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb threw for 324 yards and 3 touchdowns while Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw for 431 yards and one touchdown. One last game from the 3:30 PM session was the game of the week between the New Orleans Saints @ the Green Bay Packers, the game went down to a final field goal by the Saints which they missed to give the Packers the win 28-27, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw for 319 yards and 4 touchdowns as Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw for 446 yards and three touchdowns. Drew Brees also tied the record for most consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass.

The Sunday night game saw the matchup between the New York Giants @ the Philadelphia Eagles, this game also went down to the last second as the Eagles won this game 19-17, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick threw for 241 yards and one touchdown, the Eagles improve to 3 wins and one loss while the Giants drop to two wins and two losses. The monday night game saw the Chicago Bears @ the Dallas Cowboys these two teams are meeting for only the second time on monday night, the Bears were able to force Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to throw 5 interceptions which two went for a touchdown in the win 34-18. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler threw for 275 yards and 2 touchdowns which one of those touchdown passes went to their new wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Junior Allen Terry says ” Dallas put up a good fight and tried to win, and the running game was decent.”

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