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October 8, 2012

Student of the Week: Ian Ritchey

by Allie Shannon

Ian Ritchey is a remarkable student and athlete at Centennial. He currently plays for the Centennial soccer team, and has been involved in club soccer for IFC, as well as intramural soccer. As a senior, he is pushing himself in school, taking classes like AP Spanish. He was picked as student of the week because he  has mastered the skill of time management and is a perfect example of what a student-athlete should look like.

The Centinal: What are your hobbies?

Ritchey: I spend most of my free time playing soccer for Centennial and on campus for recreation.

The Centinal: What colleges are you applying to?

Ritchey: I’m applying to the U of I, Florida State University, and the University of Iowa.

The Centinal: Do you want to play soccer in college?

Ritchey: No, I’d rather focus on my school work, but I plan on playing in intramural leagues.

The Centinal: What is your favorite class?

Ritchey: Discrete math, because Mr. Garcia is the coolest teacher in the school.

The Centinal: Whats your hardest class?

Ritchey: AP Spanish.

The Centinal: How far do you plan on making it in soccer this year?

Ritchey: We plan on making it the Regional final and maybe to Sectionals.

The Centinal: How do you like to study?

Ritchey: I like to study with as little noise and distractions as possible.

The Centinal: How do you balance school and sports?

Ritchey: Balancing school and athletics is just all about managing your time and staying on top of your homework.

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