Sock It To ‘Em: Centennial vs Central Spirit Week

By Jewel Goodly & Faith A. Middleton

“It’s not who wins the game, but how you play it.” These are the words etched on the spirit trophy award in honor of Centennial’s Clif Aldridge and Central’s Keegan Bannon. This week both Centennial and Central High schools are working with the United Way of Champaign County to collect new socks for the homeless men, women and children in the area. Continue reading Sock It To ‘Em: Centennial vs Central Spirit Week

Dog Gets Stuck in the Grill of a Car and Survives

A man was driving fifty MPH on route 44 in Massachusetts, when he suddenly saw a dog on the road.  He was not able to stop in time, but he got out of the car to check if he hit the dog, and finding nothing, he assumed that the dog made it safely across the road. Eleven miles later, another person informed the driver that it looked like a dog was stuck in the grill of his car. Concerned, the driver with the dog still in the car then proceeded to drive quickly to the East Providence Police Department. Continue reading Dog Gets Stuck in the Grill of a Car and Survives

The Fighting Illini Recap 10/4-10/6

Illinois Fighting Illini sports weekend started on Thursday, October fourth, with the women’s soccer team defeating Michigan State 3-2. On Friday, the women’s volleyball team lost to Ohio State 3-2. On Saturday, the football team went up North to Madison, Wisconsin to take on the Wisconsin Badgers; the Illini lost to the Badgers 31-14. Later that night, the volleyball team took the court again to play against the number one team in the nation—the Pennsylvania State Nittany Lions; the Illini lost again 3 sets to 2 sets.