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October 9, 2012

Dog Gets Stuck in the Grill of a Car and Survives

by Leon Phanrana

A man was driving fifty MPH on route 44 in Massachusetts, when he suddenly saw a dog on the road.  He was not able to stop in time, but he got out of the car to check if he hit the dog, and finding nothing, he assumed that the dog made it safely across the road. Eleven miles later, another person informed the driver that it looked like a dog was stuck in the grill of his car. Concerned, the driver with the dog still in the car then proceeded to drive quickly to the East Providence Police Department. When he got there, the dog was taken out of the grill of the car with the assistance of Animal Control and taken to an emergency clinic. The dog was diagnosed with a concussion which explained why the driver did not hear any barking or yelping. The dog also had a minor bladder rupture, but was up quickly and walking around and wagging her tail. Although she had a tracker chip and a collar on, so far, Animal Control has been unable to find her owners, although they are still searching.  It goes to show that miracles really can happen.

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